MusicGraph is the world’s first knowledge engine for music. It contains over a billion facts that have been organized into a rich music ontology, which includes acoustical and lyrical features, detailed artist, album and song information, as well hundreds of other data points related to user preferences.

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Personalized Playlists

MusicGraph combines of similarity dimensions to be able to find the perfect combination of signals that can deliver the perfect recommendations to users.

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Tunable Playlists

Generates a personalized playlist based on a seed artist or track taking into account your music preferences.

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Artist's Tracks Visualization

Displays albums/tracks as a horizontal tree, branches can be expanded/collpased.

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Similar Artists Visualization

Displays similar artists as spokes connected to a seed artist hub.

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Artist's Word Cloud Visualization

Displays an artist's most prominently used lyrics as a word cloud.

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Artist's Social Visualization

Displays an artist social impact compared to other similar artists.

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